Exclusive Tour Wholesaler & Operator

Solo Balkan – Specialists in Balkan Tourism

Croatia – Slovenia – Montenegro – Serbia – Macedonia – Albania – Kossovo

Solo Balkan is a wholesaler & tour operation Center for the Israeli market in the Balkan region for over 12 years

Solobalkan center Located in Slovenia and provide all the tour operation services in the Balkans countries: Slovenia, Croatia, Montenegro, Serbia, Macedonia, Albania and Kosovo

Our clients mainly are travel agencies and tourist offices, business sector, public organization, labor unions and  F.I.T

Our service include: flights, hotels and vacation apartments, transportations, rental car, local guiding and daily tours

Our direct connections with the hotels, transportations, and the other local suppliers, enable us to provide a highest standards, reliability and a quality service


Solo Balkan of the S-I BIG D.O.O Group

Tour Wholesaler &Operator

Trubarjeva 79 Celje  Slovenia

T: +972-3-7220434 T: +386-83828818 M: +386(0)30362616

 www.solobalkan.com  www.si-big.com

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©[2017] Solo Balkan מרכז התיירות והאופרציה בארצות הבלקן

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